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identity design creation 
+ content packages

have an idea, but don’t know where to start? we’re here to help you bring your vision to reality.from conceptualization to execution we are able to provide starter - advanced packages that’ll help you get a leg up on your design needs to start you business, blog, personal identity, podcast, clothing brand, non-profit,etc.

*inquire about pricing*

social media design 

social media posts 
designed according to aesthetic of identity established by client or created based on inspiration, look and feel that client wants.

social media banners + ads
all graphics formatted to fit the scale of each platform (facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, etc.).

email marketing layout  includes banner design + layout of copy

gif creation
stop-animation used to provide a call to action or promote one’s brand in a dope way with short, quick and sweet montages.

*if longer GIF duration is needed we can provide additional pricing*

*inquire about pricing*

snapchat geofilter / ig filter design

geofilters are the easiest way to brand and showcase an event for your guest which creates a level of engagement with your audience. Awesome for launching an event, grand opening, birthday, wedding, etc.

*pricing includes setting up filter with the time, date, and location for Snapchat filters*

digi marketing  strategy package

obtaining insight, engagement and reach are all important elements to consider when rolling out an idea for your personal brand identity / business.but often times it’s difficult to know where to start.we offer a package that includes a marketing strategy along with curated social media content that’ll compliment this package.
*inquire about pricing*

website creation

“one pager” website

-includes domain and hosting setup
- header banner 
- about
- services / product / blog
- contact / newslwetter form
- social channels
- connect search engine optimization

- copy and imagery not included [copyediting is included]

“in the middle” website

-includes domain and hosting setup
- 2-3 Tabs
- layout design
- content formatting / editing
- social channels connected 
- connect search engine optimization

- copy and imagery not included [copyediting is included]

“give me the works” website

-includes domain and hosting setup
- 4-6 Tabs [tabs over 6 will incur additional fee ]
- layout design
- content formatting / editing
- social channels connected
- connect search engine optimization

- copy and imagery not included [copyediting is included]

“spruce up” my website

this services is for pre-existing website that need maintenance or updates that includes: 
- domain and hosting setup      - content updates
- domain transferred & connected
- email reconnected
*custom layout re-design

All website requests have to complete a pre-assessment: We will not be able to create, design or make updates to a website with pre-existing problems made by previous web designer. If you need extensive maintenance with a pre-designed website we can only suggest creating a new website from scratch.

*inquire about pricing and additional features*

ecommerce website creation
   We build e-commerce websites on the following Shopify, Big Cartel, Wordpress, Squarespace,etc.starts at $500+

This service includes website back-end setup, products and services page setup, resizing and formatting images/videos.

*Content/ Product Photography will be an additional charge - not included in overall price*

*inquire about pricing*

motion graphics + animation 

audio snippets
capturing recorded audio with appropriate graphic that’s great for a preview of a podcast or panel discussion.

story commercials 
short and sweet commercials that can be used on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other social platforms that provides a visual inside look at your brand. each video duration is 15 seconds.

promo videos
this form of call-to-action is great for promoting your new website, business, etc. 

designed according to aesthetic of identity established by client or created based on inspiration, look and feel that client wants.

ads + promotional graphics

whether you need an ad to run on a variety of platforms we’ll be able to create the following formats: Carousels, Collections, Stories & Posts.

(this doesn’t include recording, if interested please provide additional information)

*inquire about pricing*

podcast starter package

- logo design
- 6 audio snippets (duration of 30 seconds)
- 12 social media posts and corresponding formatted for story
- 3 gif creations - (duration of 15 seconds)
- 3 story commercials - (duration of 15 seconds)
- 3 social media banners

*inquire about pricing*

video creation + editing

we enjoy telling stories through video and we would like to help you create your visuals.

*inquire about pricing*

youtube starter kit package

- youtube channel logo design
- 1 intro video(duration of 15 seconds)
- 1 outro video (duration of 15 seconds)

- 1 youtube channel banner
- 3 edited videos (up to 15 mins per video)
- 3 promo snippets for social media (up to 30 seconds per video)

*inquire about pricing*

photo capturing 

DOWNTOWN                        - up to 1.5 hours of photos including revisions and edits

- up to 2.5 hours of photos including revisions and edits

- up to 3.5 hours of photos including revisions and edits.

(events & editorial photoshoots exceeding over 3.5 hours there’s an additional fee per hour)

*inquire about pricing*
art direction

this service includes an one-on-one session and allows space for a deep dive into the identity of your brand. we provide  conceptual design ideas for photoshoots, video production, and overall  identity design, etc.

*inquire about pricing*


from vision to fruition a logo is a great way to bring your endeavors to life.

includes mockups and a design based on information provided during consultation.

up to 3 revisions and custom conceptual design direction you’ll receive necessary versions of the final logo

*inquire about pricing*

print collateral

need print material? we’re experienced in creating annual reports, business cards, promotional postcards, retractable banners, tradeshow collateral, brochures,packaging labels + more

*inquire about pricing*

apparel design

wear your idea with pride or not. we work hands-on with each client when it comes to designing and printing custom apparel.

design options

Front or Back Only
Front and Back
Front, Back and Sleeves

quantity of apparel being sold

*Personal Use - non-commercial- personal use only

*Commercial Use[up to 5,000]

*Extended Commercial Use [over 5,000]

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